EuroPython 2014 retrospective: talks

Attended EuroPython for the first time and oh boy was it a blast. The conference was held in BCC, Berlin this year and I must say the organizers did a really good job at keeping 1200 people happy and interested. Props to C3 video operation center team for doing an awesome job streaming and recording the talks!

Here is a list of talks I enjoyed (in no particular order):

Advanced python

This talk covers object interning and other cool python features related to memory management.

Introduces meta-programming in python through decorators and meta-classes with some Lisp analogies. Almost-real-world examples are abundant in the talk.

This talk is about implementing a python debugger. It's a lot simpler than it looks, as explained by Dmitry Trofimov from JetBrains.

Frameworks and libraries

An good intro into message-passing concurrency in python by Sarah Mount using python-csp library. Sarah also gave a good overview of concurrency options available in Python.

This is a talk by a long-time python developer Martijn Faassen introducing his new MorePath web framework. Martijn's framework presents an interesting idea for loose coupling in web apps and the talk is just plain fun to watch.

Infrastructure and operations

Ever had to deal with packaging python apps for Debian ecosystem? I did and it wasn't pretty. Guys at Spotify developed dh-virtualenv tool to ease the pain and here's Jyrki Pulliainen giving a talk about it.

I particularly enjoyed this talk about BitBucket architecture by Erik van Zijst. He gave a great overview and with some deep-dives into problems they were facing. Big props for being open!

A good talk on testing in DevOps environment by Schlomo Schapiro.

To watch

Talks I'm totally going to watch when I'm done procrastinating.

You can find all talk videos in EuroPython talk page and EuroPython YouTube channel.